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Tim Layton is a cyber security professional possessing over two decades of real-world experience helping organizations identify critical vulnerabilities in their security controls. Tim’s information is actionable and provides a clear roadmap to improve or implement relevant controls and countermeasures to enhance any organization’s risk posture. Tim specializes in the identification of critical vulnerabilities via white hat hacking assessments and security program evaluations using the ISO 27000 framework and a unique risk-based methodology that he authored.

Tim Layton is a trusted advisor to some of world’s leading organizations – both public and private – for whom he has played key roles in developing enterprise cybersecurity and risk management strategies, programs, processes, and countermeasures.  Tim is widely regarded for his strategic and innovative approach to the ever-changing threat landscape and associated risks facing organizations today.

Education and Professional Certifications:
• BA, MBA – specializing in management
• CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional # 28180
• SANS GSEC – Global Information Assurance Security Expert # 1972
• SANS GCIH – Global Information Assurance Certified Incident Handler # 312
• SANS GCFW – Global Information Assurance Certified Firewall Expert # 265
• SANS GREM – Reverse Engineering Malware
• CCNA/CCDA – Cisco Certified Network Associate/Design Associate
• ECNE – Novell Enterprise CNE #605
• SCO ACE – SCO Unix Engineer



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